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Raidighi College

ESTD: 1995
Affiliated to University of Calcutta
P.O + P.S:- Raidighi, Dist:- 24 Paraganas (South) Pin-743383, West Bengal

Department of Zoology

The department of Zoology runs Undergraduate Honours and General Courses under the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) introduced in 2018-19 session and ongoing 1+1+1 system. Zoology is a broad field that includes studying animals in their natural habitats to assess behaviours, living conditions and interactions with other wildlife and teaches students the importance of conservation. Some diseases and health problems involve processes that can only be studied in a living organism and students learn how animal models are vital to medical research when it is impractical or unethical to do human trials. They also learn to monitor animal health to prevent animal disease outbreaks and produce healthy livestock as it is vital to the economy and safety of the country's food supply. Study of food chains and life cycles teaches students the relationship among the various organisms and our inter-dependence. They will be able to comprehend how descent with modification has shaped animal morphology, physiology, life history, and behaviour and explain how organisms function at the level of the gene, genome, cell, tissue, organ and organ-system. They will also get an insight into the intricate relationship between adaptation and evolution and understand how these offer the only scientific explanation for the unity and diversity of life on earth.

Pass percentage of last few years:
Year Appeared Passed Pass Percentag
2016-17 11 10 91
2017-18 10 8 80
2018-19 5 3 60
2019-20 4 3 75

Research Publications:
Year National Inter-national Chapter /proceed-ings

Student Progression:
Year Enrolled in HE Institution Joined Program Name

Department of Zoology
1 Prof. Pintu Mondal (MSc, BEd) Assistant Professor View Profile
2 Dr. Ishita Samajdar (MSc, PhD) Assistant Professor View Profile
3 Prof. Ashraful Alam (M.Sc., M.Ed.) SACT-II View Profile
4 Prof. Safika Sultana (MSc, BEd) SACT-II View Profile
5 Prof. Manjushree Das (Saha) (MSc, BEd) SACT-II View Profile
6 Prof. Abul Kasem (MSc) SACT-II View Profile


Our college, established in 1995, has emerged as one of the most promising educational institutions in the district, as well as in the state. This college is affiliated to the University of Calcutta.
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