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Raidighi College

ESTD: 1995
Affiliated to University of Calcutta
P.O + P.S:- Raidighi, Dist:- 24 Paraganas (South) Pin-743383, West Bengal

Department of Botany

Course outcome for B.Sc. with Botany: The department runs Undergraduate Honours and General Courses under the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) introduced in 2018-19 session and ongoing 1+1+1 system.

Programme Outcome:

  1. Apply the knowledge of biology to make scientific quires and enhance the comprehension potential.
  2. Convey and practice social, environmental and biological ethics.
  3. Insist the significance of conserving a clean environment for perpetuation and sustainable development.
  4. Study incessantly by self to cope with growing competition for higher studies and employment.

Programme specific outcome:

  1. Educate students in and around Raidighi, a prime area of Sunderban, about plant science.
  2. Inculcate strong fundamentals on modern and classical aspects of Botany.
  3. Build life skills in Edible mushroom cultivation, biofertilizer production, greenhouse maintenance and seed technology through value-added courses.
  4. Create platform for higher studies in Botany.
  5. Facilitate students to take-up successful career in Botany.


Course Title: 1. Phycology and microbiology (BOT-A-CC1-1 Th & P) and Mycology and Phytopathology (BOT-A-CC1-2 Th & P)
On Completion of this Course students will be able :

  • To understand the ultra structure and dynamism of cells of bacteria and viruses.
  • To acquire the knowledge about general characteristics, morphology and reproduction and economic importance of algae, fungi and lichen.
  • To know about various plant diseases and their control measures
  • To understand life cycles of different algal species.


Course Title: 1. Plant anatomy (BOT-A-CC-2-3 TH & P ) and Mycology and Phytopathology (BOT-A-CC-2-4 TH & P)
On Completion of this Course students will be able :

  • To gain knowledge of plant cells, tissues and their functions and make connections between plant anatomy and the other major disciplines of biology.
  • To get knowledge about classification, mode of reproduction and detailed study of evolution of sporophytes in bryophytes.
  • To understand the phylogeny from Bryophytes- pteridophytes- Gymnosperm
  • To gain knowledge about life cycles of pteridophytes and gymnospermus plants.


Course Title: Palaeobotany & Palynology (BOT-A-CC-3-5 TH & P ), Reproductive biology of angiosperms (BOT-A-CC-3-6 TH & P )and plant systemartics and (BOT-A-CC-3-7 TH & P)
On Completion of this Course students will be able :

  • To explain about fossils and fossilization and understand about geological time scale.
  • To know the structure and development of monocot and dicot embryos.
  • To assimilate adequate knowledge in understanding about plant systematic.
  • To gain proficiency in the use of keys and identification manuals for identifying any unknown plants to species level.


Course Title: Plant geography, ecology and evolution (BOT-A-CC-4-8 TH & P), Economic Botany (BOT-A-CC-4-9 TH & P) and Genetics (BOT-A-CC-4-10 TH & P)

  • To gain the proficient knowledge about phytogeography.
  • To understand ecological relationships between organisms and their environment
  • To interpret the concept of lemarkism, Darwinism and natural selection.
  • To competent in gathering information about genetics.
  • To acquire skill about Economic Botany.


Course Title: Cell & Molecular Biology (BOT-A-CC-5-11 TH & P), Biochemistry (BOT-A-CC-5-12TH & P)

  • Students being taught about ultrastucture of cell and molecular biology
  • To focuses on exploration of molecular basis of plant life.
  • To absorb conceptual knowledge in understanding about biochemistry.


Course Title: Plant Physiology (BOT-A-CC-6-13 TH & P), Plant Metabolism (BOT-A-CC-6-14TH & P)

  • To acquire skill in understanding about plant Physiology.
  • To gather knowledge about plant metabolism.

Research Publications:
Year National Inter-national Chapter/ proceed-ings
2018-19 1

Department of Botany
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Our college, established in 1995, has emerged as one of the most promising educational institutions in the district, as well as in the state. This college is affiliated to the University of Calcutta.
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